Sweet child o’ mine

Finally we decided to ditch the public hospital and go to the private hospital for her checkups . We went to Apollo Hospital , nice hospital , warm welcome , and yeah ! crowded by Hindi’s ..The service is totally awesome comapred to the ‘ i spit on you damn Hindi’ attitude of the public servents . The same report the govt clinic rejected the Gynocologist happily accepted and she could read the results as well, but after waiting few long hours finally we got to see our baby , i was called in and oh my God ! the most wonderful event of my entire life , i could hear the heart beat of my baby like a drum [ ofcourse through the speakers]. It was amazing to see how a life is forming inside her womb , but the happiness didn’t last longer CZ the doc pointed to a blood clot inside her womb which can be fatal unless taken care of. And we are hell worried , only prayers can get us through this situataion ,
Meanwhile my wife’s boss is hell pissed at her cz Doctor has asked her to take three days bed rest , he called her and started to scream at her , i wonder what kind of a bastard does not understand the words ‘ danger to life ‘? May be she will quit the job ! It doesn’t matter i think i can sustain her and the baby for the next one year .
Anyways Apollo hospital is good [if you pour out money] other than the lack of cleanex in the toilet , i spent more than 65KD in one go , but God is good , today i got KD150 in incentives and my wife got KD30 in increment [ if she is able to keep the job ] ..
Do you believe in miracles ? after watching my baby’s heartbeat i certainly do ….


10 comments on “Sweet child o’ mine

  1. Hope everything turns well, and in matter of months you will busy with pampers stuff;). And in regards to the boss, what a stupid idiot!! I can not beleive there are people that act in this ugly manner!! SHAME!!

  2. Hasan.b : thanks for the wishes , even today the boss called ! she is upset , probably she will quit the job , PJB : thanks a lot , i hope that tomorrow morning when we go to Apollo again for sonar ,all will be well,

  3. Congrats!! And yeah, I believe in miracles. Hearing the heartbeat of your baby is a wonderful moment to be cherished. I will pray to god that everything turns out good for you both. As for your wife’s boss, stupid idiot person. Better quitting the job, if the boss is like that. With best wishes to both of you!!

  4. yea, Both myself and my wife got combined KD 350 increament when our child born in 2003. I hope your life also will have lot of changes after a new member in your family. Good luck

  5. Magic : thanks ! yeah it is our first child , My wife is OK now, we had been to the doc and she let her go to work today !Sene : Isn’t it , i can imagine your happiness when you had N Thanks Anon ! I hope God will hear youCPanic < it is awesome , really , thanks for the wishes

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