Sometimes they come back

This is what i dreamt this morning . It’s my Father in laws [aka fil] funeral .So we all are at the grave yard . We went to the stash of coffins and removed my ‘fil’s coffin . It’s been three days since he is dead , and we opened the coffin to give on last respect . And the baby maggots are everywhere , but my fil is awake and talking..holy molly whats happening i wonder ! … he can move a bit of his head and a bit of hands and a bit of legs but can’t move his body to get up.. now no one else is notice this but me and my fil is talking to me about how loving his wife is ‘i say “uhh? what ? her ?” [ in my mind i said ‘i wish my mil was a kind hearted just for a day’]Then every one says goodbye … no one can see that he is moving but me … in between my best friend who is dead for last 10 years moving around . I said to him ” WTF you doing here ?” He doesn’t reply . Then its my turn to say goodbye .. I said to my fil … “don’t worry about your daughter , i will take good care of her’ ‘ Surprisingly !! he pointed towards his garlanded photo and said ‘ if so ! then hang her photo next to mine ‘ . I don’t know what that meant , it was time to close the box , but he wouldn’t let me i am struggling to shut it close , but since he can move a bit of hands he is resisting , finally try to use my elbow to hold him down , but he tries to bite me and says ‘ i don’t wanna go’ …..
Meanwhile the phone rings i am still struggling to hold my fil down but i pick up the phone , i say ‘hello’ .. it’s my brother in law [ aka bil ] I wonder why he calling on the phone when is standing right next to me ,
he says ” scan and send my sisters signature on a blank paper because we want to remove money from Dad’s bank” ………… I said ” WHAT ?” and i opened my eyes … this part is not a dream , my bil is really on the phone and he is asking for my wife’s signature ….

7 comments on “Sometimes they come back

  1. God!just when I thought I was alone on this.I saw a similar dream a few days ago.It was at my cousin s place.In my dream,I went to visit him but when I opened the door I could see people, weeping all around me.I walked around asking everyone but no one answered.Its as if they didn’t hear or see me.I looked out the balcony and I saw a reverend standing outside holding a picture of Christ,the reverend looked at me and smiled.I looked around the hall and I saw everyone I knew.It was surely a funeral but couldn’t figure out whose.I saw my closest of friends and relatives but couldn’t see a dead person.I just shit scared.I snapped out of it somehow and went on to play some games on my PC at 2 am in the morning.Damn!it was just scary.Few things bothered me:*Who was it?*How come no one answered me?*Why only the reverend could see me?*Was I at my own ……? What the hell!! some dreams are just creepy.

  2. Enigma : Yep ! It was scary , the scarier part was after i woke i up i had to explain to my wife about my dream, after all its her father…Mish! : Join the bandwagon mish…LemmeGo : Thats some scary stuff dude ! i guess it must be the Rev !!

  3. hmmmm i’m a huge fan of dream interpretations.. get it interpreted – its not about finding out about the future – but rather about the your current state of affairs – dreams are like our subconscious telling us stuff that we don’t really register in our conscious minds ;p

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