When a Man loves a Woman

When a man loves a woman ,
Cant keep his mind on nothin else
He’d trade the world
For a good thing he’s found

Now that she is pregnant , she has stopped doing all the housework . So for the last one month i have been doing , the cooking , the laundry , the vaccume , the breakfast , preparing lunch for her , cleaning the bathroom , folding clothes , garbage disposal , and the list goes on .. it’s like never ending . I swear !! i am exhausted and i lost my cooko the other day and there was this blast of my frustration at her . But she calmly replied from her bed ” i have been doing it all these years , have i complained even once?” and that was it . I realized the scarifies a woman does to keep her darling happy, How come i gave up so early ? I didn’t answer . She asked me ” tell me now , if you can’t do the chores i can still do it ” ….. I said ” no dear ‘…i just wonder where do you women find this much energy to do so much work !”
Bittersweet reality is life will never be the same again , while i am mighty glad that a baby will bring joy to my world , it’s not easy as it looks , it is a huge responsibility .

I just realized that !


7 comments on “When a Man loves a Woman

  1. Menial job is not restricted only for females. I have one kid. Both my wife and kid ‎sleep until 6 am. Ma wakeup at 5 am and do all the house work including arranging ‎breakfast. What’s wrong in it? ‎

  2. Enigma : Thanks :]BlaSha : Hmm ! a dewaniya ? I hope those days won’t come in my life [there is a reason ]Anon !: Nothings wrong with it ! i admire your dedication , just that i realized now that it is a different life anymore …

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