The EWW post

Ok this is a ewwwwww post… These are the stories of my childhood , not all mine ,except two.. these were the hot topics discussed back in the days when we sat at that broken bus stop…
Grandpa eww : He Is 13 year old and sleepng next to Grandpa ,he thinks grandpa is sleeping and start ‘spanking the monkey’ …. but grandpa is awake and kicks his butt out of the bed … and it’s kinda eww to get back in to bed after he knows that grandpa knows what he has been doing !!! and the silence is killing till someone falls asleep first. !!!
Fatherly Eww : Father comes out of the bathroom ! Furious ! kicks ass ‘ you stupid SOB , next time you ‘spank the monkey’ watch were you aim it , don’t spill the “juice” in the water bucket, you disgusting mothafucccccaaaaa…..”
Another fatherly eww : Son ! if you are spanking the monkey do it slowly , or else your balls will fall of , and yes ! please lock the bathroom next time you are inside”.
Friends Eww : Three SOB’s going to get laid with some ho’s and one falls in the shit hole [ literally a huge human shit hole somewhere in Bombay’s red light district ] and the stench is so bad , friends ditch him and the dude walks 5KM back home to take a shower…
Another friendly Eww : Two drunk friends are fast asleep on a single bed in a cheap ass hotel, one fucca starts to vomit on others back , the ‘friend’ is drenched but that’s not all ,as a bonus ‘stomach Worms’ are coming out of his nose too ‘ but funny thing is, in the morning the bastard denies it ever happened to him….he says ‘it must be you’..,
Gay Eww : Two drunk friends , bidding farewell to a ‘gulf’ bound friend , after spanking each others monkey in front of this horrified friend , they want to ‘rape’ him as one final farewell gesture…… Luckily one of them is too drunk and faints in his vomit and this dude lives to tell his story how he close he came to being ass invaded by his own friends…..
Now ya’ll say Eww ! This post deserves one, or the least shouldn’t be my first post from my new laptop… it’s desecrated already……EWWWW !!!

2 comments on “The EWW post

  1. Damn!now those are just yucky!I was never caught wanking off but my gal was once suspicious of all the yellow spots on the sheets!!I told her it was cough syrup!

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