Dr Evil

Doctor : A person, especially a physician, dentist, or veterinarian, trained in the healing arts and licensed to practice.
a. A person who has earned the highest academic degree awarded by a college or university in a specified discipline.
b. A person awarded an honorary degree by a college or university.
Well this is the general meaning of a person who me we call Doctor , well our story goes like this , tired of the way Public hospitals treted us ‘ajnabees’ we went to the private hospital Y .A. Medical centre , After waiting for hours finally we got to see this lady gynac SN . She looked well educated [ aren’t all hindi doc’s? after what happend to my wife , i don’t think that way anymore] . After ‘sonar’ she told my wife that there was bleeding ‘behind the sack’ and she will have abortion any moment , and she told my wife not eat this , not to do that , three days bed rest [because of which she almost quit her job ] … our life became hell for so many days …. she couldn’t enjoy the joy of motherhood knowing that the baby will abort any moment….
Couple of days back a friend of ours came home , she was shocked to hear the news ! not that the baby was in danger but the fact that we were consulting Dr SN. She told us how the same doctor had told her to remove her uterus because she had developed a fibroid in her uterus , But after taking second opinion at Hadi clinic she just under went a minor surgery back home and is planning to have baby soon …
So we called the hospital and asked an appointment to see the other gynaec Dr RG . And Dr RG was furious to see the medicines DR SN had prescribed and the false report as well the scare of our life that the baby was going to die .. She also told my wife not to worry at all because she is totally healthy and trust in God for all matters . It is such a relief for us i can’t explain . We are breathing a sigh of relief …We can’t imagine the problems this so called ignorant Dr would have put us in …….
I wonder how can a qualified Dr can play with a pregnant woman ? Ironically she herself is pregnant too….

9 comments on “Dr Evil

  1. i would recommend you go to my mom’s clinic in hawalli next to plaza centre. shes pretty good if i might say so myselfi’ll tell her to keep her eye on your wife and baby 😀

  2. Thank god that it’s not as the first doctor said. However, you should get a third consultation since you have two conflicting reports. Just to be on the safe side. And please report that doctor. If people just ignore that, then someone will get hurt.

  3. Extinct Dodo: Thanks a million , i will surely ask your help if need be ,,,bless you for your kindnessEnigma : Its not conflicting report but this Gynaec is scaring all her patients , we are hearing more stories about her , i am trying to get in touch with the hospital authority befor she hurts someone else

  4. God!what a dumb fuck!This isnt the 1st time im hearing bad things about the dcos at Yiaco.Many horrible stories,many!Damn,are there any other affordable hospitals in Salmiya?

  5. omg!! How horrible!! Are you sure she is a qualified doc?? Can’t anybody complain about her? Firstly, they charge u a hell lot of money, and secondly can’t even give you a right diagnosis!!What a bad time you two must have gone thru? But atleast you came to know early enough. Thank God!! Now both of you enjoy this pregnancy….

  6. It was hell for few days ! she told my wife that if she ate sweets she will be diabetec so she told her to diet , isn’t it funny a pregnant woman to dieting ?

  7. Go to Hadi Clinic, International Clinic or German Clinic. Those are the places our family trust with out lives. Well, ok not really but at least they gave us fairly accurate results so far. When it comes to pregnancy, International Clinic is the choice. BTW, congratulations! 🙂

  8. Ana : Thanks but i cant afford hadi and other places , appollo is affordable and Dr RG is well experienced as per my research .. so we will stick with her..thanks

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