My First Story …

Sabo is happy . Tomorrow is his 10th birthday , he is wondering what gift his dad and mom will give him . He is confident of recieving some gift , because there is long list of gifts that he has been asking ever since his sisters grand b’day celebration , she had recieved many gifts. So Sabo is thinking same thing will happen to him too . May be a by cycle , may be a cricket kit , may be new clothes , He is very much exited despite some arguments his parents are having every day latley. Its almost a month now , their argument is never ending , Sabo can’t understand why his mother is upset over his fathers new lady assistant . Sabo has asked his mother once , she told him ‘its because your father has been taking our things to her ” . Its true! ever since the new assistant has come things like radio , iron box are disappearing . Sabo’s elder sister told him last week that father has been sleeping with the assistant . But Sabo laughed ” why he has to do that when there is so much place in our house ” . Sabo’s sister gave up, she can’t make understand that their father is having an affair .
Finally the big day has arrived . Sabo is very exited , and is waiting for the evening , when all guests will come just as it was on his sisters birthday and they will bring gifts and cake . Sabo is day deaming …His dreams are interrupted by the loud screams . There is a fight between Mom and Dad again. Mom if furious , she went and brought all clothes his father ever wore , threw them on the ground and burned them , This is something unusual ,this kind of fight has never happened between his parents , but he is still hoping everything will be alright by evening .It always does.But this time His father is in tears , he has never seen his father crying .His went to the bathroom which is built outside the house , he’s got something hidden in his clothes . Suddenly Sabo’s mother comes running and screams ” Sabo ,Sabo, climb the roof and see what your father is doing “
Sabo refused beacuse his father will beat the hell out of him for things like these , he said “But Mom ,?
“Shut up and do it , and she helped Sabo to climb up . Sabo came up and saw through the sun roof , his father is tying a rope around his neck and trying to stand over the bucket . Sabo reported promptly to his mother . Mother and sister start to bang the door and scream for help , Sabo is panicking too … he shouts to his father ” Baba , Baba what you are doing ! Please come out ” . His father looks at him through the sun roof as its one last goodbye .
Sabo is watching , father is preparing to take the plunge , but the neighbour breaks open the door , and holds sabo’s father . The stand off is over , Sabo,s mother is hugging him and kissing his father,
Sitting on the bathroom roof Sabo is wondering what kind of game is this , they hate each other to death , while they can’t live without each other. It is beyond his understanding , Now he is worried that his gift Will not come . He asks his sister “Saso ! will they celebrate my birthday today or not? . What Baba was doing in the bathroom ?”
Saso hugged Sabo and said ” No brother, np celebration today , Baba just tried to kill himself “
Sabo knows what that means , he asked her with tears in his eyes “Is it because i asked for gifts, i promise i will never ask baba for any gifts again “.
She didn’t reply…..
The day passed by , no one wished Sabo …. Sabo is sad and has come to a conclusion that if you pester your parents for gifts they kill themselves . So he has decided never to celebrate his birthday ever again. and he never did ….
By GreY Posted in life

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