18 For shoon

Yeah That’s right 18 is for shoon . If you are in Kuwait you know what that means , for others let me explain 18 is the code for the work permit . If you do not have a work permit in Kuwait life is miserable . You can not work anywhere because of the constant checking done by the Ministry of Shoon .
Today is the second most happiest day of my life . Let me tell you why , it’s a long story i will try to make it short but please don’t lose patience .
I got married in 2002 , and i promised my wife that i will take her to Kuwait , i didn’t want to waste my life like my Uncles who visited their wives once in two years and then their wives slept with the whole village . Despite of being renamed as ‘ labour class’ by my beloved MIL [ who still refers to me by that name behind my back] Because of the low end job that i had . And even worst my salary certificate never met the required target set by the Ministry of shoon i.e KD 400 . So i tried all the means i could and i have been cheated for more than KD1000 /- by the people i know for years . In the meanwhile my MIL had made my life even miserable by harassing her own daughter and i have prayed to God either success or death . Yes Death , for a certain period of my miserable life i have prayed every night that i would die in my sleep because suicide is not an option for me . [ i believe if you have guts to commit suicide use those guts to live ] . BTW God doesn’t hear all our prayers and He woke me up every morning for a new misery . Finally in Oct 2003 i was able to get my wife on Visit visa , she was with me for 8 months . In this time we tried every place for a 18 . But no one cared . She went back and MIL struck us even harder . But i kept trying and friends and strangers alike robbed me of my hard earned money . There was a time i would give money to any one if he said the word Visa . once again after a gap of 11 months not been able to see her being tortured by her own mother i brought her again for 6 months . By this time God was working ways for us ,Salary cap was reduced to 250 and finally after a short vacation to India [ which was aptly utilized to show my fury to my MIL] i was finally able to get her on Visa no 22 which is dependent . But still we didn’t stop trying for 18 . She found a job and after a year of Hide and seek with the shoon department , which she escaped with few close encounters , and two months of solitary confinement at work [ hiding from shoon during work ] today her residence is transferred to shoon i.e 18 . This is the most happiest moment of my life because even the elephant delivers after 22 months . But God took 5 long years and buckets of tears and so many heart aches and thousands of Dinars … finally we made it .
She once told me sarcastically huh ! visa 18 , forget it , it will never come .
We were near Asha’s at Marina Mall. I told her ” it will come , my heart says so ! and if it ever happens even after 10 years i will take you to dinner at Asha’s ” …
Well this is my day , i am taking her to Asha’s on friday .. the food better be good cz i have waited for 5 years !
Meanwhile my heart is singing Don Moens Hymn
God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way….
He will make a way

9 comments on “18 For shoon

  1. wow this is a moving story.. it makes me feel sad for what you -and I am sure many others- are going through.. and happy that you have overcome it.. mabrook and enjoy a well deserved dinner!

  2. Letmego : Thanks man ! Magic : Thanks to u tooBu : I have always believed that ” If you tried u may win or may lose , but if you don’t try defenetly you will lose”….. I tried but God Blessed..

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