Days of our lives

So finally it was our day ! Never been to a fancy restaurant . Nervous but loaded with cash we reached Asha’s . Wow the place is nice , and the food was excellent. It was worth every pain and agony we had been through to be there . The toast [ of water] was for the 1000KD that was saved, i mean this woman that i know had agreed to give visa for KD1250 for my wife, but in advance she had taken KD250 .Then was she never did anything other than asking KD350 again which i had refused to give and she never gave me the visa anyways . SO the toast was for all the money that was not swindled. Like i said before the food was good , the service was wonderful except for the lame music [ With all due respect to Asha’ji ,there are better songs that she has sung ,]And also not forget one ‘Rexona’ moment with a staff all went well , till we were billed . The bill came and i gave 15KD waiting for just couple of dinars back , but the dude gave me back 9KD .He must have thought i gave him 20 That’s the most beautiful/guilty part of it because i realised that i had paid less only after i had left …..In all it was a wonderful evening , enjoyed it the way i had planned it….i will always cherish this day as long as i live .
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8 comments on “Days of our lives

  1. That’s nice.. Glad to know you guys enjoyed your outing!! And enjoy the pregnancy, and your time together till MIL comes. Good luck!!

  2. Am glad you had a good time with the missus at Asha’s though, if you ask me, it is not the dig for Indian fare in Kuwait. Had been there on two occasions – once in Dubai and the other time was in Kuwait and I came out feeling it was fine dining minus the dining.I like to think I know my Indian fairly well πŸ™‚ – my jalfreizies from my chill corn fries, and my vindaloos from my bhuna ghostso when I eat in at Asha’s I get this strange feeling of the food having come from Bridget Jones’ kitchen.Somehow, outside of mainland India, fine dining and Indian cuisine simply does not agree. It’s the same story everywhere – Chutney Mary, Veera Swamy or Zaika of London are all every bit as banal and poor value for money as Asha’s is in Kuwait.

  3. I couldnt have said any better , yep ! though my wife cooks better than Asha’s had to pretend the food was awesome because it was her choice and i didnt wanna let her down , and she knows i’m faking.. lol !

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