Monster in law alert

Wahhhhhh , Wahhhhh ! that’s a sound of a crying wolf . You were lucky that Gonu just missed us , but i am unlucky , i just got hit by the worst , MIL called early in the morning to tell me that her passport is ready and she will send the details today … and she will be expecting the visa sometime in November . I can’t believe my living self , just when i think that ‘ oh here are my good days , finally !” disaster is lurking to strike me , [ Sorry dear , i know u will read this , but i can’t find a word better than disaster ] . Now that FIL is dead she needs a vacation in disguise of my wife’s delivery . I don’t have a choice , I have failed to make my wife understand how evil he Mother is . Even the good old “hindi’ saying ‘ Aa bail muje maar” [which means ‘asking a mean bull to ‘gore me’ .] not working.
If you read this you must be thinking i am a mean bastard , well i am not , there was a time [ before marriage ] me and my MIL were kinda best friends until she turned out to be my worst nightmare , even Freddy Kruger is merciful at times i guess ! . but my MIL is relentless , so much , she stalked us during our honeymoon [over the phone ] every 10 minutes [ without exaggeration ] the reason ? We didn’t take her along with us . Can you believe that ? .
OR ! I should apply for her visa because On the evil side of me , my evil twin says may be it is my turn to make her vacation a living hell ,Muhahahaha Muhahahah [ *Evil Laugh*]

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