Pay it forward…this time for real

Ever since her father passed away not a single day goes by that my wife doesn’t remember him and shed tears . Her greatest regret is she was suppose to go vacation to see him in June but he passed away CZ of a heart attack on April 21 . I have tried my best to help her move on , but i can not understand her pain because all my conscious life i have hated my father and wished he was dead .[ But then these are my demons … hopefully i will cast them away one of these days ] .

She was web surfing for some recipes and came across this page and she was all in tears after reading this ,she was very emotional because a father [Mr Simon in the picture ] is in need of both kidneys and is in dire need of money for treatment . If you remember one of my blog ,a few months ago, i wrote about pay it forward .. then it was just a bank token number … i have had thoughts since then , i have been thinking was my pay it forward only just blog material ? I had to do something real , that post made me feel like a liar . But today i have taken real steps to ‘pay it forward’ … i don’t know how much it will help , but ‘we’ are sending a small amount of money and a message of hope to someone whom we have never met or heard . I really pray that God will not take away a loving father from these beautiful children . But keep that beautiful smile for long years to come.
Just now friend of mine said on chat [on a totally different subject] that “miracles are manifestation of hard work” …. to a level its true …. but despite of all the hard work and all the good deeds when things go bad…and life takes a spin to a point of no return and there seem to be no way , it’s God who makes way through miracles . I say it, because I’ve been there , seen that and now i believe .

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