My darling ,

Wish you a very VERY VERY HAPPY B’DAY …

How does it feel to join the elite early thirty’s league ?

Depressing like i did ? I hope not !

P.S Don’t be sad , if we are alive & Kickin when we are in our early sixty’s i’d be still loving you the same … may be more…

H .W

By GreY Posted in her

6 comments on “HAPPY B’DAY MY LOVE

  1. Hey HW,Funny I’m not able to call her mobile to wish. Hopefully my better half will be more sucessful in doing that. Do convey my wishes to her. God bless her and you as well. (I’m sure you need it).Wishes from rest of the family especial hugs from J2Rdgs,DL

  2. Rohan : Sarry ! :PMagic : I didnt get her anything , i am waiting to take her to the Gold souk so that she can buy gold of her choice , it is difficult these days for us to go out with all the crappy weather and all . This one is a pending gift now .

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