Yahoo lottery

So i have this neighbour , good neighbour , one day he was surfing on the internet and stumbled upon a goldmine , The message said you are visitor no 99999999 and you have won Yahoo lottery worth US$500,000 . and the chap has no bounds for his happiness . And he called , and they too called from Nigeria and the deal was done . He sent them his bank account in India and many other personal details . After much waiting finally they sent him the “Certificate of deposit” . Now the dude is a beliver and the darn First bank of Nigeria PLC proved me a jealous bastard in front of my good neighbour. Meanwhile i am still trying to convince him …but he is pleading temporary insanity . God help us all…. meanwhile he gets these sudden jolts of energy and shouts like Shammi Kapoor did in the movie ‘Junglee’ …. Yahoooooooooooooooooooo !

10 comments on “Yahoo lottery

  1. Oh let him go through it. If he doesn’t learn the nice way, let him learn the hard way.Help him out, maybe he will give you a small commission as well.

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