Blogspot trouble

something is wrong with blogspot ! The posts are delayed and so are the comments …anyone else having problems ?

By GreY Posted in blog

5 comments on “Blogspot trouble

  1. the posts are delayed , wrote this sentence yesterday , but still its not visible to me on my blog , probably tomorrow it will be visible . …blogspot sucks ! its time i migrated to wordpress

  2. hey wolf have you been having trouble with safat? for some reason my posts are not showing there recently? on blogspot i always have delays on my posts! has anyone experienced difficulty with safat?

  3. I am not checking safat , i revolv around my google reader , anyways , i had posted this blog yesterday and it disappeard , though it came on my reader , not visible on the blog page … its very late …like a day ! . But today’s post riding in cars with indians is visible its ok…. [ but still the comments are delayed though]

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