Riding in Cars with Indians….

My aunt Nat had her first heart attack back in October 06, since then she has been waiting for the much needed bypass surgery while ‘ younger madam’s’ have been stalling it because the replacements had not arrived yet from the Philipines .Finally Nat gave her ultimatum that she was rsigning from her 27 years of service and want to go back to India . But then the matriarch of the family who is also of the same age of Nat [and has never been a boss but more of friend ] stepped in and threw some wasta at the hospital and finally aunt Nat was called in for her bypass …. So i decided to visit Aunt Nat in the morning before she went in the OT . Meanwhile my wife had a dream that i died in a car accident and she was full of hugs and kisses before she left to work . So i stopped this cab and the cab driver was a Hindi bai saab ! . I sat in the car and WTF ? The Car was full of smoke from the incense stick . I said to the Driver ” baisaab , please put it off ” .. he replied , ” if i do my day will go bad and may be i will meet with an accident , please let me roll down the window till it burns “. Because i was in stress over my aunt and the warning dream that i was going to die , i didn’t want to fight this idiot . Also there have been even worse cab drivers ,one who slept whenever the car slowed down , or the ones who play very loud religious tapes and ask the passenger which religion they are from , or even worse , the ones who talk politics or the top secrets directly from the Pentagon’s secret chamers. So i let the incense sticks burn becuase i didn’t want to hurt hsi religious feelings and the sticks burned and burned and burned , the car filled with smoke and finally minutes before i got down , it finished …. anyways i gave the bloody Indian a earful and got down and cursed my self even more for believing in Superstition….
After much of searching for the ward where my aunt was , finally i found her after a half hour search … thanks to the misguiding Bangali ward boys .. i met my aunt , she was ever smiling even in the dire situation … after chit chatting rumours and stuff from here and there… she told me that the matrich wanted her to………[.deleted— by happy wolf ]…………. Anyways that didn’t matter , there were more things to worry about such us “staying alive” . Finally it was time for me to go . With a haevy heart i said goodbye not knowing if would see her again . My hart is so heavy even now, as i write , she is in to her fourth hour of surgery , i pray that she will be fine .I came out and found a Indian cab which had a huge sign on the dashboard ‘no smoking’ . Thank God …..finally …a cabby with some sense …. BTW i reached home alive …but still worried over that stupid dream she saw…. which reminds me of the dialogues from the movie “Meet Joe Black ” where Antony Hopkins [ W.Parish] is talking to Death /J. Black [Brad Pitt]
William Parrish: It’s hard to let go, isn’t it?

Joe Black: Yes it is, Bill.

William Parrish: And that’s life… what can I tell you.

By GreY Posted in life

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