Kuwaiti Metal and Rock !

This one is for the Kuwait Head Bangers :

I’m a huge Rock Music addict like anyone else , but then , i am different from others . How ? I listen mostly to local rockers … So i was scavenging on myspace for local talents and i am shocked , Kuwait has so much hidden talent which will never see the light of the day because of the culture and rules and stuff . Anyways there is plenty of stuff you can find here ,
Also there is a awesome song called “Hopeless” by Depth … here for download . Which ‘ve been listning non stop since yesterday . Awesome …pure awesome guitar riffs . BTW its Melodic Death Metal , so those allergic to metal and rock don’t bother …

On a totally different scale Virgin Megastore sucks big times when it comes to rock music , all the rock music CD’s have disappeard from the shelves since the now infamous ‘raid’ from the ministry.

5 comments on “Kuwaiti Metal and Rock !

  1. That’s a great post. I enjoy rock, and so go a few of my friends. They are planning to start a band and are good guitar players! It is just sad there is no scene here in the country where such people can gather or get to meet to just do their thing.

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