A Mirage called "Driving licence"

Wrote some stuff about driving licence, but erased it for some reason . Let me write again in a non bitter tone . I have been driving [again] since yesterday . 7 years of hiatus has not rusted my driving skills . More than everything the Joy in her face makes me proud . I mean she has never seen me driving a car . Last time we had been to vacation i was riding my fathers broken Vespa . I took her to the Church today . This is what we have been praying for all these years ” to have a normal life just like anyone else ” well God is taking us to the right direction i guess…
Anyways met this dude at the Kaneesa who has been denied the privilege of having a driving licence , he was surprised to see me driving . Knowing my salary status and educational qualification And my job title he asked “HOW ” ?????? … I said “wisdom” my brother …. i was wise enough to make driving licence back in the late 90’s when anyone and everyone could have a licence unlike the Apartheid driving rules of present. Back in the days friends thought i was crazy . They laughed at me for getting a driving licence [ or ‘wasting’ money on wasta to get one ] .. They are not laughing anymore .
Just a point from the original [ deleted ] post … If they made broader roads , let the expats drive [ who have reasonable salary to maintaine car ….say 250KD] .. will not the Sayer’s Behbani’s , Mulla’s , Kazemi’s ,Zayani’s Ganim’s ,Babtain’s …bless the Govt along with the expats who can go for a weekend ride with their wives’s and children ….
I mean who is losing ?

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