FM 99.7 the misery continues…

RKFM /Superstation / 99.7 just got worse ! Not enough that they played the same music same time all the year … now they are playing Sad songs / Boy Bands the whole day. I mean what is the logic behind playing sad songs and boy bandish love songs the entire day . Where the hip hop and rock n roll ? Why just Pop ? Is Pop the authorised ramadan day time music or What ? FYI .. POP SUCKS … I dont know what they will play at night .. May be they will surprise me … I know its Ramadan and people are not listning to music … but there are some of us , the unfortunate ones, who are stuck in a retail shop 8 hors a day not having a choice but listen to the only English station in Kuwait … What ever happend to hiring people with good music taste .. This morning i was watching RTL the Italian FM station on TV .. i cant understand shit but the way they speak just kept me glued to the station .. Why cant this be in Kuwait for crying out to heavens this loud … I almost met with an accident while listning to the morning show the other day .. man ! That lady is a killer on the airwaves..

And Labooch is missing .. I hope she quit …Please God ! Make deaf if you can . I cant listen to FM 99.7 anymore ..[ probably i should light up a fire craker in my ears myself ]

6 comments on “FM 99.7 the misery continues…

  1. Oh, Grey, no! Whoda thunk they could get WORSE?? And you have to listen all day. . .I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but it sounds like hell on earth! Boy bands! No Pink? No Rasta? No Rap?

    At the Sultan Center, they are playing Arabic music, which I like. Sure beats Walking in a Winter Wonderland in September. 🙂

  2. Dude… Stop listening – cut them cold turkey! & yeah, you can send an email or something, be ware of secret service though 🙂

  3. Blue : The lines are always busy … i wrote to them some time ago … no use !

    INTL: lol @ the sulatn … it makes me crazy … silly music..

    Esh : yes it is a torture device …kinda Xfiles

    Chika : i dont have a choice , it mandatory for us to play fm,

    BB : i am pissed , who wouldnt be if they were forced to listen sad song the whole day

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