raPPit invasion …

I was parking my car and found some thing larger than the regular garbage cat ! It wasn’t moving , turns out to be a rabbit . So i start drooling [ yep ! part of me still carries the aboriginal genes ] then thought may be its sick or something .This idiot Patan i was riding with shit scared , Gosh ! man ! its just a raPPit.. Anyway just left it to the lurking Anorexic cats from the dumpster , which must have feasted on it already CZ when i came back it was gone …. Conspiracy theroy is that PA’M’S is dumping rabbits on every street to feed the hungry cats …. :P… Possible ! impossible ..Possible. ‘Impossible is nothing ‘ .. On that note , Adidas is closing for renovation …

7 comments on “raPPit invasion …

  1. WAT EVER U DO DONT HURT THEM!!:'( i love them we have bunnies running around in our back yard oo kil yoom ye6la3 wa7ed yedeed oo they soo cuuuuuuute!! i looove bunnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiies!

  2. If no one rescued it by now, i bet it’s either run over by a car, attacked by a dog, chased by a cat, or dead of heat stoke and thirst. Maskeena.

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