How to Get Embarrassed .

This just happened . When you finished reading call me idiot , stupid , hamar what ever .. I went to this bank which is driven by challenge . They made me stand out for 15 minutes because it was not yet 8.30pm while they gossiped. Anyways duty hours are duty hours , i respect that , just to get back at them pounced on the Ramadan sweets they had kept . Kinda small balls . I ate some , wasn’t tasty enough . My turn to the teller .. my palms were full of sugar water , so i asked the teller for Kleenex , she surprised me by running here and there for a mere Kleenex but couldn’t find it . Anyway she asked me ‘did you eat the sweets ?’
I said ‘Yes’
She asked “How is it ?”
I replied ” Not nice , eh !*shrugs shoulder* adhi ..moo shay
He face changed ” Oh ! i made it by my own hands”
Now my face changed .. The remaining 3 minutes and 40 seconds while she finished the transaction were tense.There was no conversation what so ever. I was really embarrassed by my ‘honest’ remarks . [ but how the hell i was supposed to know that the banks keep home made sweets ? i was think they must be bringing it from some fancy sweet house ] She is a sweet lady , a very good cashier , but definitely not a good cook , probably she didn’t know that i am bitten by a rabid dog called ‘ Honesty’ .Anyway on my way back just to impress her picked up few more sweet balls . But i guess it was too late …

9 comments on “How to Get Embarrassed .

  1. ..How could you ?? Hehehehehe, Be honest but not that honest. I can’t imagine her reaction when ou said that and will she bring sweets anytime soon

  2. Rianne : I realised that 😀

    Hessa : i think i am stupider than i think i am , it was like waiting in hell while she went silent …

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