Traffic Bloody Traffic

OMG ! The Traffic ! Took me 1 hour 30 minuts to reach The Avenues from Salmiya… Worst part is they are digging road in Salmiya .Who da F##k in thier “sane mind” digs road during the rush hour ? .. I mean WTF ?


7 comments on “Traffic Bloody Traffic

  1. RELAX mate… I guess you should try leaving 15 mins early than your usual time. I am doing that and so far no traffic *fingers crossed*

  2. Chika : So lucky you!

    Purg : Welcome , cant stay home , gotta go every morning to get my ‘dailybread’!

    Shoush : You said it right ! they are not making it any easier ..

    Amu : Honestly Amu , i left 10 minutes before ..

  3. It’s busy busy & busy .. They need to do something with the traffic.
    2 options only:

    1- New streets and bridges


    2- Stop selling cars

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