What level of sea rise will drown your house in Kuwait

I tried to do something , i’m not sure if this blog will be clear , anyway here is an cool link to check , how much sea rise will drown your house in Kuwait … [Expats can check your hometown too ] Kind of scary , it wont be very far when our children[ your children ] will be boat cruising on the 5th ring road to The Avenues , unless we care about Global Warming or even Tarsheed ..

Check this out Ras Salmiya at present … click on the pic for bigger view Salmiya Present . O meter sea level

At 1 Meter , see the incresing blue color, the arrow below is the Marina Mall

At 5 Meter

10Meters and half of the residential area’s of Kuwait under water
At 14 Meters .

If its any consolation Bangladesh will be more submerged in Water than Kuwait …


3 comments on “What level of sea rise will drown your house in Kuwait

  1. That’s scary, Grey.. Unfortunately, Global warming is happening but no action is being undertaking at the moment to face it.

  2. Woah, talk about bummed out. It is sad, this is why we have good sewage and back up plans! Not that we ever nearly got flooded by rains! Never!

  3. Hessa : It is ‘us’ who can make a difference . I mean we cant wait for ‘them’ to change the cliamate cz the ‘them’ are ‘us’.

    n. : I was thinking about it , you know 1 meter of sea rise is enough to drowm Kuwait cz the sea water will get in through the drains ….

    Kuwait never drowned of rains ? what about just 30 minutes of rain back in 1997 ?

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