Hi ! Nice to meet you !

I think Ramadan is bringing people closer , I pass by this shop all the time and see these two salesmen . But i never cared to talk to them for reasons unknown . So here i was standing in the hallway , lost in my thoughts . One of the dudes approaches me and we just went about to salam alaikum each other , shake hands.
Then he asked ” How come you never talk to us ?”.
I just didn’t have the answer . Anyways i just gave some lame answer , tried to blame some one . Finally we are friends . I mean all it took was to “utter a few words , leave a shit load of ego behind and just not think” … I mean you see a person everyday , You walk past him not acknowledging his presence , You pretend that you are some one high above . I think i am realising ‘all we are just dust in the wind’ .. [wait ! Kansas already said that ]. Anyway .. anymore i should step up first . There are plenty of guys around me i see , but don’t talk to . I guess its time to share some brotherly love .

8 comments on “Hi ! Nice to meet you !

  1. That’s nice. I don’t think those ppl are high and mighty if they don’t say hi. Maybe they just want to be alone, or something, who knows.

  2. BB : Not neccessarily friends , but at least i want to say hi

    Chika : Yep ! gonna spread a whole lotta love [ in a non gay tone]

    Esh : I hope too … Met you [online] didnt i ? lol

    Amu : Nice to meet you too Amu !

    n. : Some people think they are , sure they will be left alone !

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