Dumb gets even dumber ..

Remember the time when you at the bus stop or on the plane . Waiting for it to move , while the bus or plane next to us moves but you think you are going back in reverse . Has it ever happened to you ? I’m sure it has at least once . Anyways lets call it motion sickness [ so that you will know what i am saying]..
Imagine this loser , stuck in a traffic somewhere down the 5th ring road , with his wife besides him . He is sleepless due to late hours of working during Ramadan and waking early to drop her to work . Just to keep himself awake Road to Hell by Chris Rea is played with high bass boom . He is so tired of pressing gas and break pedal , he is thinking his feet has gone numb !.
Then there is this moment the car is at complete stop and then suddenly the car in front and the cars on both sides starts to move , and our loser dude get a ‘motion sickness’ and starts screaming ‘OMG OMG whats happening why we are moving in reverse ! and he scrambles to shift the gear to parking but still feel that he is going back in reverse , while his wife starts to panic as well , she shouts ‘ What the hell is wrong with you ? Are you crazy ?”.. All this happens in a gap of 10 seconds .
Then there is a sudden burst of laughter , he tells her just what happened to him and all is well …she cant control her laugh ,
but i pity her , she has married an complete idiot…

12 comments on “Dumb gets even dumber ..

  1. hehehe! Well, I can’t blame the dude, since it’s Ramadan – excuse bas if she married him then, she’s as dumb as he is! 🙂

  2. lol, that’s just funny! I know it happened to me a few times, I didn’t panic, but I understood what was happening by using a measure to check my sanity lol.

  3. Eee, these things happen. It’s probably a trick his mind played on him as punishment for putting his body thru hunger and fatigue. 😛

  4. Chika : lol ! she said the same thing after reading your comment!

    N. : Yep ! time to check the sanity !

    Enigma : 😛

    Shoush : Yep I realised that .. got my self lot of sleep today !

    Blue : Read again ! lol !

  5. Esh : thanks Dear ! I guess its the sleep !

    Rieanne : I realised that , all i need to do is look far when it happens and not make sudden neck moments … lol ! it was fun though !

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