Hot Mama’s at Carrefour !

I was at the Carrefour , Avenues . Saw some tiny dudes drooling over something , Turns out to be the compact swimming pool cover . And man ! those are some real ‘hot moms’ . I could take only two pictures ,[ didn’t want them to think like i am a pornographer] . I wonder what those boys in the picture saying . Funny thing is in all the pictures [ there are atleast 10 hot mamma’s] there is one hot woman and two little boys . The droolers must be thinking ..Ah ! those Lucky bastards.. or Why my moms not hot ! BTW where da ‘black marker’? , or its used only at Virgin ?

And the “product of the day ” .. Use Terminator electrical appliances and get terminated … ‘Astala vista baby’


11 comments on “Hot Mama’s at Carrefour !

  1. Dude, I thought you work there too – am gonna catch you one day!

    Those dimwits, anything with some meat – cleavage & they go crazy!

    I’ll be baa(k)! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. loool i don’t get it.. you’re still working at marina? i thought you said you got transferred?

    anyhoo, lool who knows what’s going through those kids’ minds lol

    and by the by, you’re sorta tagged…


  3. Chika : lol !

    Blue : Oh that will be great ! ‘public’ likes it ..*drool* ๐Ÿ˜›

    Ali : lol ! agreed !

    Sarah : Shhhh ! that was supposed to be a secrect ! * Sigh * … Thanks for the tag

    Amu : Now you know where ! lol !

    N. : I’ll tell you something better . My wife was think those were live photos , she thought those ladies were sitting in the water inside Carrefour … LMAO !

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