6 minutes of Mayhem !

ICC Twenty/20 world cup [ Cricket] is being held in South Africa . Twenty/20 is the new shorter version of Cricket. Which is totally amazing . India’s Yuvraj Singh smashed 6 ‘sixes’ [ home runs in baseball terms ] in 6 consecutive balls against England bowler Stuart Braod [ I bet, even Barry Bonds will not be able to do that ] . I know its kinda lame to blog about it , But WTH i do it anyways …. This one is pure Mayhem in sporting terms!


3 comments on “6 minutes of Mayhem !

  1. Chika : lol ! some ball games are good ! cant think of any right now because my mind is filled with evil thoughts !

    BB: Yep ! Just love it .. I predict Kiwi’s are gonna win …

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