No more Carrefour for me

Yeah Right ! no more Carrefour for me . I was under the impression that it was something amazing , the best thing that happened to Kuwait in the FMCG field ! I was wrong . Let me tell you why ..

I thought of ditching the good old City Centre of Salmiya Souk . So i was at the Carrefour … Enter Grey .. Lack of fruit variety . I mean , even Salmiya jamaiyya [ Near Makfar] has more more variety of fruits .. So i pass on to the Milk Section .. WTF.. No KDD .. NO KDD .. NO KDD ??? i mean Carrefour doesn’t have a single product of KDD ? I asked a sales guy “KDD?” He said ‘ No SerBis’ .. I wonder why .. So i skip the milk section …
Whats unforgivable for me is that Carrefour is selling fake shoes . The replica of CAT [aka caterpillar ] … GMT . I could forgive them for selling pirated DVD’s of ‘300’ . [I guess someone wrote about it few days ago] . But being in the fashion Industry i can not forgive the ‘fake products’ .. Call me hypocrite .. But i am not going to shop at Carrefour again .
And whats with the guys on the cleaning truck who is chasing you from isle to isle as if he is on a mission to chase you out of Carrefour ? Or is it just me ?
Also something unusual , The Avenues is allowing shopping carts inside the mall .. [ as seen in the picture]

10 comments on “No more Carrefour for me

  1. I like City Center Salmiya o of course, the’re selling fakes 🙂 as for the carts in Avanues, that’s bad – it’ll trun into another bad scene ..

    PS: Do you live in Avenues! always there !

  2. I’m probably the only one in Kuwait who still hasn’t gone to Carrefour. SC works for me though. And I’ve seen a couple people pushing thier trollies across the mall near Lerenzino at 11pm on Thursday night when it was packed. Didn’t look right :/

  3. they probably realized they were losing business with this no trolley thing. i’ve only been there once with a friend cuz she wanted cat food.

  4. I was also disappointed when I knew that they don’t sell KDD products, it’s my favorite…one thing I like in carrefour is the big and covered parking space 🙂

  5. I don’t blame you, I’ve been there once before I left and it didn’t hold the ‘WoW’ factor but according to me, everybody seemed excited inside the place. No idea why? …
    The only thing that I wanted from these was a KDD ice-cream, didn’t find it and didn’t bother to ask … Thank God for the Ice-cream carts on the streets.

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