I rant , you read !

Now that i am accused of being a ranter by a fellow blogger , here am i doing what i do the best “rant”.

blogger sounds man’ish’ there should be a word for women blogger like ‘bloggara’ ..

I’m on sabbatical , yes people , finally i gathered enough balls [two, to be precise] to pull the big one and the Manager fell for it , I’m home …. i told him i have ‘vertigo’ .. now i am looking up the web to know what the F is Vertigo… i hope its a good one .

You know whats funny ” A niqab clad woman driving with a sign board ‘2 cute for u’ …

You know what else is funny ? ” Linda on FM saying ‘ if you want to be closer to home fly to Germany” . Does she hear what she is saying ? BTW i think i have started to like her and FM99.7. Some Call it Stockholm syndrome .

30minutes in to my ‘haliday ‘ and i am bored already , i think i will join work in the evening ..

Ladies ! Buns are history ! Puff’s are here .. don’t get caught in old fashion ….

The cat and the bunny are missing i think either PAWS or Animal friends have abducted it …

I’ thinki’ am out of topics so i do what everyone else does, post a YOUTUBE , this one is awesome , i mean real scary .. you never know what Menstruation can do to you …


10 comments on “I rant , you read !

  1. lol @ bloggara … that would sound good…

    If you are out of topics ask the one who called u rant for one πŸ˜›

    n btw weee3 did I really have to watch that video..you should have warned us… ewwwww

  2. HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! LOL!!! OMG!! LOL!! Hehehe!! WHat happened to you! Vacation makes you funnier! LOL!!

    DUDE, ama Bloggarette πŸ˜‰

  3. LOL! EWwWW WTH!
    LAISH?! Period video sucks!
    ans she actually goes back talk about devoted to work LOL

    blogara sounds like bgara(Cow) hence not so good.. never the less Hilarious!

  4. Amu : It was Chika …lol ! Sorry about the vid ,

    Chika : Bloggarette ? yeah ! sounds better , patent it soon !

    Blue: Sorry bot the vid , yeah ! some of us are bgara’s ! lol !

    Ansam : thanks dear !

    N. Come on ! be a man ! its just Chocolate puke !

    CeCe : Who’s there ? OMG ! its you CeCe , welcome back ! missed you on blogshere !

  5. . Ewwwee . Very sick, How do find these things?

    What a bad infleunce? you skipped a day. It’s better to sip a day if you plan something so that you can enjoy your mimi-Weekend unless you want to be bored really quickly.

    Chica, Leave Grey alone (Eveil Eye), The ppr man is going to develop a complex ..>_<

  6. Hessa : lol , How do i find these things ? Its everywhere ! …

    Bad influence ? hmm , but this is in retaliation with my stolen over time …I am planning a second day of sick leave tomorrow , just to get busy i am going to take the car to the mekaniki’

    lol at Complex ,if you know me by now i am beyond complex.. πŸ˜›

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