I’m going RED for a Cause … please join

They are not my people , Not my blood , Yet i welled up watching CNN and BBC today . I pray that God will strike General Than Shwe , and bring healing to a troubled nation . Those of you my regular readers wondering whats wrong with me , i am suffering from a sever bout of fever and this is the cough syrup speaking . Yet i speak sense despite of losing it . So i am going red for a day … for Myanmar , for freedom , for democracy , for freedom of speech , for my brothers and sisters in God , for justice , for liberty …
If you do too , just wear red tomorrow [ Sept 28] . Please spread the message .. [ link ]
Being an Indian i am ashamed of Indian Govt’s silence of Democracy in Myanmar…. Hypocrites …
P.S : I will be back to my old self once i am ‘sober’ .

16 comments on “I’m going RED for a Cause … please join

  1. It is sad to hear and watch those peaceful monk protestors being killied and humiliated just because they are asking for their own rights …

  2. It’s a pain to see what’s happening in Burma. why do u say Myanmar BTW? I heard BBC use the word BUrma?And Burma is a seprate country. I thought Myanmar was in India? Is there some political reasoning in mentioning two different words?

  3. Shoosha : People are dying for freedom in Burma [Myanmaar]

    Chika :Thanks Chika,

    Hessa : I know red is killing … its just for a day !

    Sis4U : It is Burma , but it has been changed to Myanmar .. so i wrote Myanmar …

    Outlaw : Right said bro ! Red is for blood ! Blood is spilled in Rangoon , Just bear with my red blog for a day !

  4. i dont think i have a red tshirt *note to self: do laundry* but if its alright with you, i’m gonna wear a white tshirt and write on it with a green marker (i aint got no red markers either) “this tshirt is red”.
    does it sound alright to you?

  5. I hope things get better. It’s really sad what is happening there and around the world. Why don’t people live in hamrony and peace I wonder!

  6. seriousness does not become you. but yes, its a serious issue and the world stance on it is really sad. its all talk talk talk with no action.

  7. NiQa : Thanks for marking it Red .lol

    Boojam : Thanks , thats so not me, but thanks,

    Amu : :X , lol ! thanks anyways !

    Blue : Thankies ,

    Pearly : Grrr , i changed it back to bulu …:P

    Shayouma : I hope for the best too , thanks,

    Ammar : I know , ‘serious’ is not me , but my inner voice is overtakes me sometimes … i need to kill my soul ..lol !

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