Now and Forever …

I just read from Chika and Maya about finding ‘the perfect one’ … my wife read Chika’s post and said ‘she is glad that she found me’ , not that i boast about it here but i am “mighty glad” that i found her … She’s the one for me , i always think that ‘ i don’t know if i love her the same tomorrow , but i am glad i do today’ .

Here’s how i found her .. Its emotional so keep the Kleenex near [ not]..
I was the most ugly looking dude in my town [and still i am] but i thought otherwise , so i wanted the best looking girl , all my friends had ‘girlfriends’ except me , One of my friend had 3 girl friends and was willing to lend one …[ seriously !] anyways after years of being embarrassed, there was this moment of enlightenment on a certain ride on the bus , that i should look for the one of my category not the ‘good looking’ one’s . ….And all i thought was of ‘her’ … she was there all the time , she ‘was’ my best friends sister ,she wasn’t the best looking one [ sorry dear!] … so i guess , for me it was love after millions sights … but what i didn’t know that she was also looking for her ‘the one’ [ not ‘the one’ of Marina] and it was not me … she had high expectations … may be a Salman Khan or Brad Pitt may be …..
i couldn’t gather my courage and balls to tell her that i loved her ….
i left to Kuwait , didn’t see her or speak to her for two years ,
She fell for her ‘Salman’… but he was fooling her like all ‘salman’s & Brad Pitts do…Break a woman’s heart …
I went back on vacation, …
She was hurting and i was the comforter … this time i gathered my courage and balls ….I told her that i loved her all these years ….
5 years later, after zillions of letters , emails ,phone calls and sms we got married against all odds [ that includes parents, siblings , neighbours , neighbour’s dog , cat, & few donkey’s …]…
And 5 more years later we are expecting our first baby…
Sometimes when i see a dashing diva with a hapless dude , holding hands , i don’t wonder like i used to ‘ What the hell she is doing with him’ … i know he is ‘the One’ for her …
Its just timing , patience, a whole lot of acceptance, but.. above all …it’s the blessings from the ONE above..
Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain.- The Holy Book

9 comments on “Now and Forever …

  1. aww that’s lovely and funny and cute all the same time.. I wish you all the best in your life together..

    Hey, I like Salman don’t bash him 😦 LooooooooooooL

  2. LOL! You crap me up! That was funny – Mrs. Grey, I think you should give’em one hellva smaxk on the head for what he wrote about you! LOLL!!!! 😀 Hehehee!

    I am glad you two found each other & may God bless your moves all the way 🙂



  3. Great story. Its funny how after years of not making a move, she was still there because she was meant to be yours.

    I love “LOVE”!

    Note: DO NOT tell your wife that she isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world!

  4. Its just timing , patience, a whole lot of acceptance, but.. above all …it’s the blessings from the ONE above..

    AMAZING i loved that part!
    nice story.

  5. Isn’t that sweet! I enjoy reading love stories, struggles and smiles are printed in every paragraph and when somebody talks about the {ONE}, you could sense that they are going to go forever and they can’t stop talking/writting. It’s love that firing inside that person’ heart, just like you Grey

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