Kicking and more Kicking

I’m sleeping with my bare back facing her and she is trying to hold me despite of her bulging belly . Then there is that magical moment , i can feel the constant kicks , small kicks, tiny kicks ,and i am awake and aware that there is a third person between us …. Oh ! that magical moment … Cant wait till January ….
BTW people i am so desperate for names starting from A . Adam and Andrew , are a choice but i need more names …. Please

9 comments on “Kicking and more Kicking

  1. that’s soooo sweet! Oh, am here πŸ™‚ I ain’t chickening out or anything πŸ˜›

    Hmm.. I though you already picked the name out you guys… Andrew.. I like this name; Short: Andy

  2. are you sure its not your wife kicking you?

    Names with A… Names with A…


    Where could we get one of those… I dunno…




  3. Joud : Thanks … Considering Aron and Aiden..

    Chika : Andrew is also a choice ..

    N. Arthur …good one..

    Amu : lol ! sure ! why not!

    Blue : Adrian … yes !

    Ammar : not it wasnt my wife , she’s a killer when she kicks in sleep ! i wouldnt be writing had it been her … Considering Ammaro ! lol!

    Shoosha : Thanks …:P

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