Idiot sighting of a different Kind

Wait a tick,

12 comments on “Idiot sighting of a different Kind

  1. that’s a neat idea. We could all have a sign of our blogs so that if we meet somewhere out there, we can write in the blog Hey I saw shosho or I saw Grey’s car !

  2. Shoush: That is my car ! lol ! just an crazy idea ..

    Shayouma : Actually i was planning on a t-shirt but that will cost me 10KD so i dropped idea…

    Chika : i want to be famous than that ‘shawarma reviewer’ [not] …lol !.. like you i am not using it … may be ocassionally 😛

    Amu : still undercover my brother ! not using it .. i swear ! but its a good idea what you say ?

  3. lol! I thought that wasn’t ur car until u posted a close up! Why so small? Should have blown up your nickname instead of blogger!

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