It must be WTF day ..

I think today is WTF day . I mean there are all sorts of days so why not WTF day ? If there isn’t one i claim it already ! [apparently its already been taken ].

Someone blocked my car today morning , WTF ? i was already running late to church , had to wait for this imbecile to come down , i was pissed , so gave him a piece of my mind but he is not even sorry which pisses me off more , so here comes the curse words …. but its OK , i am allowed to cuss on my way to Church .. either way i am going to confess my sins , aren’t i ?

Had a near miss accident on the way back from church at a traffic light… this blind dude would have almost rammed in to us in full speed on my left side…. [he was crossing the red light] Had to honk the F##k out , finally he stopped … WTF …narrow escape…

Did some baby clothes and feeding bottle shopping in advance preparation for the big day , some cheap ass dickwad had switched the packs , i got the cheap feeding bottle instead of the expensive one i paid for and i am like WTF ?? what kind of sick person steals feeding bottles ? Is he/she going to be that proud feeding the child from a stolen bottle? What kind of thief the child will be ? I hope he grows up and steals from his parents…. *curses*

Not everything was Bad on WTF day ! Saw a nice movie ‘ The look out . And other good things which you will be not interested in…

And finally a ROFLMAO link

8 comments on “It must be WTF day ..

  1. You’ve been having intersting days lately… I wish I would have some action, Everyday pass as a plain day with no exciting events.

    P.S.: The cheap bottle may be cuter and bigger.. think positive ^_^

  2. I though you were WTFing about the Avenues – I was there today & I was OMGind & WTFing all the time – I thought you will be there taking pictures of those dimwits- as for the baby AJ, think positive dude… 🙂

  3. Hessa : Its not that all days are full of action , sometimes i need to ‘enlarge’ them …
    Instead of thinking positive about the bottle im going to exchange it , i deserve what i paid for ..

    Chika : lol @ the Avenues … yeah ! its the Eid season and lots of fun out there at the Avenues ..

    Esh : You are right , we need of those days … lol !

    Amu : lol ! Thanks for listning for my rants..

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