How to make extra money during Ramadan …

This one for my brethren at the Biggest Mall of Kuwait , working for this certain ‘Retail empire’, They are going to be open 10 am to 2am , that means they are open “BEFORE , DURING AND AFTER ‘IFTAR’ . I wouldn’t be writing this post if we weren’t in Kuwait . Kuwait being a Muslim Country where every person, muslim or non muslim takes brake during the Iftar hours . The streets are totally deserted while every one prays , breaks fast , watches some TV , relax . I felt sorry for the staff , may be there are muslims among them fasting , yet forced to work , or were the non Muslims made to work the ‘iftar’ hours on ‘religious prejudice’ basis?. I’m not a Muslim myself , but i have seen 14 Ramadan’s in Kuwait and never as a retail sales person i have worked during the Iftar . Ramadan is about fasting , forgiveness , but It is a sad sad sad day for ‘ my community’ . This is the lowest point the retail market could ever see . If it were a supermarket or Bakala i would understand …but this is ‘retail shopping ‘ … so this is difficult for me to grasp . I know Business is difficult these days , every penny counts, but come on !! its Ramadan … where is the Spirit of Ramadan to your fellow being ?
Whats next ? 24 hours of retail shopping ? why not ?

6 comments on “How to make extra money during Ramadan …

  1. Yeah, I mean as a woman, I’d love to have the malls opened 24-7 bas no, it’s sad to see greedy people take advantage of people like this… idiots!

  2. I hope they get paid for overtime. ‘Tis the season and some people didnt get ready for Eid celebrations YET and thats why they will be open. You know what? This Ramadan I have not been out much. Once in starbucks and so many family and friends gathering and socializing.. towards the last ten days a dear person died and we got caught up in the funeral servicces and stuff.. last night I went to the late night prayers and didnt sleep until it was 2:30ish and had to wake up and pray and then go to work! I am a zombie!

  3. If it was me i would protest and quit That Company … this is too cheap … the management should think about the staff also …

    i’m sorry to hear about your sad loss . May God rest her in peace ..

  4. I found it discriminating if non muslims were forced to work during Iftar Hours , but if they were given the choice and extra cash, I think it’s acceptable, then…

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