Blogaddict ? who Me ?


16 comments on “Blogaddict ? who Me ?

  1. Ansam : This aint no stunt , read the dashboard meter , its parked .. lol !

    Blue : No i didnt , i was really checking posts while waiting for her to finish , just the idea came and had to find a place to take this snap …

  2. Sarah : I wouldnt dare do any stunts on the road …i’m careful …thanks

    Amu : Lol bro ! no i am not dangerous like you ! 😛

    Hessa : Hmmm Busy bee ! lol!

    Anon : Thanks for the compli man ! you figured out right .. i am a cheap bastard … lol !

    That watch has a value which all the money in the world cant replace so … please dont mind

    Eid mubarak !

  3. Ammaro : Yes Boss ! lol ! i was waiting for like 2 hours for my wife to fiish work so i thought of surfing ., BTW we are in Kuwait , there is garbage all around … nothing special to appriciate ! lol !

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