Cough Syrup Talk

I think Mr Funny had a burnout , I mean i feel all the funny blogs are getting serious , its like a contagious decease , suddenly every one is funny and suddenly there is this seriousness . I for one surely am grumpy today , may be because i met a ‘dear one’ who’s spouse is cheating , nothing can be done to set it right other than shedding tears …. God ..if you are reading this blog … kill me before i cheat my wife … Thankieeeeees in Advance .
I just had a flashback from my school days …[ i love flash backs] when innocence was good , the only joke i knew was ‘height of irritation’ i.e “A one armed man hanging on a cliff with his balls itching ” and we used to laugh to death imagining that [ still do] .. Oh ! good old stupid days … miss them a lot ..
I have this strong urge of doing a shawarma review .. i don’t know why ? everyone else is doing it !why cant i ? , but ‘an urge is an urge’ , so i am looking forward for it myself .. I think i cant get pathetic than this .
* cough cough* I miss phesnsydril … ahhh ! good ol days …
I wonder what it is to be intelectual blogger , i mean to write stuff in parables and shit, and people reply, WOW ! , i do reply too , i dont want to look stupid you see !
i wonder if i am the only one with ‘voices’ in my head or if there are others too??
I hate cold weather , next 6 months I’m gonna be so gloomy and shit…
Saw an major accident on 5th ring road , wonder when its my turn …i hope my wife is not with me if that ever happens ….
I hate long posts ….. i think I’ll end here … the cough syrup is really getting to my head * cough cough*
Finally i beg pardon from brothers and sisters , if i commented in a bad manner in your blog , no excuses here ….
BTW anyone seen Mr Funny ?

8 comments on “Cough Syrup Talk

  1. I hear voices all the time & yes you need to go sleep dude!

    My mission is go arounf Marina Mall & Avenues looking for you & your wife – if you see a girl with a sign that says GREY on it – step up to her 😛

  2. You hear voices too , i love voices they are so cool !
    Hmmm so you are going to bounty hunt me ? lol ! good luck with that , BTW today is the last day for me at Avenues ,

  3. You should change your template.

    I love cough syrup makes me drunk! wooohooo

    I shall join the bbounty hunt , i hear there will be a huge amount of money on your head.

  4. amu : 😛

    Bounty Hunter : i liked your homepage BTW … lol ! & no ! not in HMM 😛

    Ammaro : Shawarma is ruba dinar everywhere … it tastes better during humidity … i wonder why ?

    Blue : OK mam ! i shall change my template , but i suck at it so chose one for me please .
    I’ve got 1 milliom Zimbabwean $ on my head .

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