It’s Blog Action Day …. yuhooooo !

I’m having a sever hangover from binging on cough syrup last night , She made me to , because i am having a ‘dry cough’ . She said she was tired of hearing , me coughing like a ‘dog’ .. she said she got nightmares the previous night that she got bitten by a dog … anyways i started the blog action day on a wrong foot . Half way to work i remembered ..” oh ! F### its BAD today , i need to live up to my word so i changed tracks and went straight to the nursery … checked my wallet … F### nooooo money in my wallet [ i think she is stealing my money :P] … i asked the ‘desi’ dude how much for a plant … he said ‘miya’ fills …i scavenged my dash board … found 0.500 fills in change , bought 5 plants … came home … work can wait you see ! there are more important things to do …. like …. save the planet ? … Seriously this hangover is killing me … i couldn’t find the spade , spading fork , hand trowel … where the F### i put it … ahhh ! wait a tick ….i don’t have any … so i left the plants on the corridor and went to work .. i think i will bribe the ‘haris’ and let him do the dirty work [ i mean the dirt work] .. Anyway i am half the way on my blog action day [BAD] resolution … i will update the remaining part later … meanwhile i am going to take a nap after blog this post or post this blog … whatever …
BTW if it makes any sense …. help me save the planet ….. Visit Blog action Day

9 comments on “It’s Blog Action Day …. yuhooooo !

  1. i think the plants u bought are ” conacarpus” ( i think its spelled that way).. they live well in Kuwait 🙂 soo good job 😉

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