StupPid is my Middle name !

I think i crossed the bounds of stupPidity , in my sleep i poked/ pulled / injured my ear so bad … its swollen today . there is a small chance that some insect may have gone inside , if not I’m sure that i am so stupid i do stupid things even when i am asleep ! . Anyway please don’t show sympathy please , i have already got enough sympathy from you guys in last few days i think i will get addicted to it and come up with a new disease everyday . But this, i am recording as a ‘colorful’ event to remember .
I saw Reno 911 the Movie … it was ROFLMAO … i don’t care what the critics said … i liked it … it was hilarious .. but don’t watch with parents or young one’s …try to get a uncensored one …
Kuwait cinema is showing ‘Love and othe disasters’ …. WTF ? i think the movie will be cut down to 20 minutes if i am not wrong …[ I hate you chika for making me watch this girly movie] .. good one though..
Life just got boring … i don’t know why ? its like everyone is waiting for something but they don’t know what it is …
I still haven’t found the baby name starting with A .. but when i think of my baby i think of ‘Adam , Adam , adam … Don’t know why !
Finally i end this ‘panadol’ inspired post [ yep! popping pandols for my ear pain remember ?] with a ROFLMAO add …


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