Thank You Drooley !

Finally after years of sleeping on the floor , i have decided to buy a bed ! … [OK some of you need to bring the eyebrow down …. ]Long ago i was diagnosed with slip disc , was in the hospital for a week with weights hanging from my legs 24×7 … Trust me when those 1KG weight hang from your leg for a week even Schwarzenegger will cry like a baby… Anyhoo … its ancient history now … This year i was told that i was misdiagnosed …WTF!!! i didn’t have a slip disc … But i do get back pain time to time , But after 10 years of sleeping on the floor on a thin mattress now i am planning to sleep on the bed …Because ‘Drooley is having difficulty getting up with her enormous stomach’… it’s not that we don’t have a cot at home … but its small , three of us [me ,Drooley and her belly] don’t fit in … after running around yesterday, seeing some fucked up prices such as 75KD, 150KD [from Ikea to unbranded Malaysian shit ..]for a stupid King size bed , Finally as per my ‘aukath’ as they say in Hindi [ Aukath means ‘true status’] i am buying a steel bed 190×180 from the Friday Market for KD20. Then will buy a good quality Al Bagli mattress from Hawalli … Drooley is very exited about it …

The point of this post is …When you are in a relationship such as marriage ‘ Kindly Adjust’ is the word .. I just want to thank Drooley for sharing the thin mattress and ‘adjusting Kindly’ for all these years … Thank You Dear !

I love you “Drooler “..
[ The reason i call her drooley because she drools in her sleep :P] …


6 comments on “Thank You Drooley !

  1. Awww… That is so sweet! =D

    Last night I was thinking about getting married. Right now, I feel like definately wanting to share a matress with a partner: husband. ;P

  2. Hehe, so cute. Allah laya7rimkom min ba3ath inshala. Oo inshala ur Drooley tolad witgoom bil salama ihya wil baby inshala. 🙂

  3. Aha ! think about the D and Chika appears .. just thinking about visiting your blog and here you are …
    Mr Grey is not poor , if she put all my love in the Love Bank she will be the richest in the Love World …

  4. @CeCe : Get married dear ! nothig like a balanced marriage …. but see that kids dont come in the first year itself !

    Shoush : Thanks , Bless you too !

  5. grey you advicing ppl to get married 😀 (take me out of that list)

    Mate..thats really sweet 🙂 GOD bless both of you 🙂

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