Hand(some) Style !

Ever Wonder why they invented pockets ?

13 comments on “Hand(some) Style !

  1. in the states everyone carries a bag. it makes more sense. its fesheela (shameful) to carry one here. people figure youre still a school student. or something.

  2. Shoush : Yep ! lol !

    Chika: I’m still searching for you right now i am camped outsidr ChocoBar !:P

    N. : lol ! that would be freaky !

    Don_Veto : Awwalshai ..Welcome to my humble abode !
    Yeah ! that watch is expensive i paid 12KD for that 😛

    Blue : Na ! i’m too young for waistpacks!

    Amu : *Dreaming of taking picture of Amu doing the wheeling * 😛

  3. Ammar : lol ! i think i am old and blind ! Saaarrrry !Honest mistake ! Infact i was thinking of replying ‘Like Joey’s Manly Bag’ from the series Friends …

    Honest mistake .. i swear !

  4. Snookie :Aha ! Murses ! had to google it …. yeah ! i should buy me a murse! lol !:P

    Amu : lol ! Camped at 6th ring road already !

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