Broken !

Like the header says ! We are so broken hearted . Here is the story , we depending on this family for support before & after the delivary , as you know by now we are all alone in Kuwait . Because we dont have any blood relatives , we were depending on friends for help ! Not financially , just that we needed someone call as our own in times of need . So we asked being sure that the answer will be Yes ! , But to our utter shock we were turned down ! . Yet there is no bad blood , we are still friends … just that another big lesson learnt ,[ infact its an old lesson ]
‘This is Kuwait , everyone for themselves “
By GreY Posted in life

14 comments on “Broken !

  1. That’s not true, Grey. I’m sure there r so many ppl who would love to help u guys.

    Its just too bad that u made friends who were too selfish to think about their friends in need.

    Why would they say no? Its not going to cost them anything!

  2. People have their own problems to deal with, maybe they don’t want to give a promise they may not be able to keep. Or they had a bad experience. Or they’re not very good friends! There are many possibilities.

  3. BlueBerri : Come to think of it , may be its our fault ! shouldn’t have depended on them ! I still have high regards for them . may be they are ‘helpless’ 😛

    N. I guess so , never botherd to check the inner’ them …it has always been fun fun fun

    Chiki : Thanks dear! what we will do without you ! 😛

  4. Am here mate!! just shout for Amu 🙂

    well I would say its not just here its every place now..I am always on my own, or maybe I made my life like this..

  5. Welcome to the real world.This has been my experience too.As a friend I expect loyalty & support(Not financial) during times of need.Sadly in Kuwait,they are a very rare breed.Dont worry,Take it on your chin & move on.

    “Greater Expectations,Greater Disappointments”.

  6. yes I am still there 😀 call me anytime except night, not cuz I am sleeping cuz the weirdos in the streets are out in their cars and they will be too loud to hear you 🙂

  7. Sojourner : Very well said , been there ! but forgot for a while … now awakened !

    Amu : Oh ! poor Amu ! ‘If you cant beat them join them [not] ..:P

  8. its not just kuwait; the whole world is turning to this. say 20 years ago, bahrain was a close knit society, everyone would help anyone without thinking. corporate life-styles and a world of people getting further and further away means we start giving less of a damn about each other… its sad wala…

    see this, might give a bit of an insight

  9. Blue :What i mean by saying ‘this is Kuwait’ is … i am in a foreign land [ could be anywhere] .. Not comparing anyone in perticular ..
    YEs ! i am looking at the alternatives …:D

    Ammar : Thanks , i think its universal now ! sad world we live in !

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