I suck ! Can i blame the moon ? Pwease !

Today could’ve been a copy of yesterday and the day before that … Copied this from a total strangers blog ! then left a comment on his blog ! As the first sentence said , i felt there are two days in these 24hours . Blame it on the bulging moon if you will , but i have been gloomy just like the weather …I have plenty of topics to write [ You know what kinds] but i tried to control for a day , thought i should ‘blogfast’ .. but ‘iftar’ came a lot early i guess …anyhoo i just wanted to write a funny header but hey ! its me , if i didn’t rant then the Oxford guys will be forced to delete the word as non existing … Bluh

Went to the food court to get some barbecue chicken dish instead of the Usual shawrma … BIG MISTAKE …. Domino’s sucks …

Then Passed by Party land to window shopping , Americano’s were happily buying Halloween stuff … i felt like laughing because where i come from ‘the Original Black India’ we don’t even dare to talk about ghosts and ghouls .. and these educated fools celebrate it as a national event ..

I’m planning to write a obituary to all the bloggers who quit writing or removed their blogs …

This is the most pathetic blog post i have ever written .. i think the murder moon taken total control on my emotions ….
To those of you celebrating Halloween .. i wish you happy Halloween , party land is the place … Here is a picture for inspiration …
BTW he is really possessed … Watch out! you might be next !
Awooo * howls at the moon *

Here is the vid of REAL HALLOWEEN …..’Hindi Style’


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