Blah Blah Blah …

I am having Ground hog day almost evreyday …remember the movie where Bill Murry keep going back to the same day, again and again …everyday looks just like the other other than the dates keep changing .
Fight with my wife just spiced up the day a bit , whats marriage without small arguments ? Some how i cant remember the last time she did something wrong …its always me on the wrong side , its like im in school , and i never completed my homework there … same here
Had a good chit chat with a oversized American Jokela [Jokela is the new Bakla] ..for the first time i didn’t panic , we spoke about two hours … usually i panic and cut short the conversation leaving the ‘dudy’ baffled … but this time i stay put …think i have a new stalker ..
Im bored , im bored, im bored ,
I have video’s of AJ doing the twist and shout …he’s so cool ! the moment we switch on Music he starts moving which is totally awesome …
I still havent found the name ‘Adam’ is not an option anymore ..*sigh*
I feel everyone is tensed .. or am i crazy ? …Must sleep ! zzzz


4 comments on “Blah Blah Blah …

  1. Hmm.. yes you have to fight & make up 🙂 bas seriously, just let thing go.. woman must be terrified now, poor thing.

    I think you like them baqlas huh 😛

  2. Hey I am too poor thing , She has excuse because she gets harmonal .. i dont

    Yeah ! i am like fire to them and they are the moth ..’Burn”

  3. as men, were never right when it comes to an argument. somehow, its always our fault, and they always get the last word in any argument. if we start talking, to them thats just the beginning of a new argument.

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