Changing my Bank

Came back from a long ride …car was running out of Banzene …No money in my bokit … Soo i drive an extra mile to SAM st …aka Salem Al Mubarak Street .. Drive in to the ‘Drive through ATM of ‘Purgan Pank’ …..Suckkkka! the Machine said ‘Sowwy , no can do now , no money “FO ” …So i drive all the way in to the Manira Mall Barking in the south end [ or is the north end ..whatevaaa], dodging all the fuckwads on my way in fighting for that tiny sbot to fit my sayyara near the PP …walk in to ‘Purgan Pank’ …Suckkkka ! the ATM inside the pank is not working also ….. So this fuckwad had to walk all the way to the North end of the Manira Mall to withdraw 10dinar …. and walks allllllll the way back What a loser ! ….. Waste of time , waste of energy , waste of precious anger ( could have utilized towards someone else) ….what a waste ..

Feel like a total dickwad …. changing my pank asap …

Peace to you all …


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