Thank You Blue !

Thanks To Blue Dwess for the awesome header … … Tell me what you think … I’m kinda lovin it ! And also a Big Thank you to Chika for all the support ?


7 comments on “Thank You Blue !

  1. I like it! But it has nothing to do with ur name anymore.

    Still the design is fantastic!

    Great job, Blue (and Chika for support ;P)

  2. VElcome!

    it actually has to do with your blog character cartoonish comedian … something like that
    but still needs something ;p

  3. TLS: My name sucks anyway , can you imagine my parents kept my name as ‘Keeper of the Grey Fort? other words i am the ‘Haras’ …

    Amu : I hate it too[not] … what to do Bollywood se aya hoon! Copy tho karna padega !:P

    Blue : Seriously i am not comedian , im just me …But Mrs Grey is all laughs since she has seen it … thanks for the smiles … you are the real comedian ..Use it !

    Ansam : Thanks Dear !

    Chika:What we will do without you leading us ? Im nominating for President !:D

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