Redbull Flugtag – I came , i saw ,and said ahhhh Phooey !

Finally the big day was here , After leaving work at 2pm ,picked my wife and headed back to Marina Beach , the parking was full ( point to be noted My Lord) So went back all the way to Marina and parked somewhere near SAM St and walked to beach with a grumbling pregnant woman who was already tired …
People , People , and Bloggers disguised as people ! They were everywhere ! And everything looked tiny on the ramp!
This Side show was good , I for one, enjoyed this better than the Red Bull Flug tag , From the first moment i felt left out because of a screaming Lebanese woman and a Local who was trying to ‘voice smother’ her ! In all there was no ‘Englaizy’ and she tried to speak some ! but her french was better ! …. Man! she could scream ! ( point to be noted me Lord) . I wonder why Red Bull discriminated English speaking Expats ? (Please note this Point Me Lord)

People came prepared , except us , We sat on the wet sand … (another point to be noted me Lord)
Loving Amricano’s …

Loving Pakistani too ! He seemed to be lost … Probably thinking Why the F#ck do these people waste money to jump in to the water , cant they simply jump ? [ the pink panther infront is me BTW] Many left in between , the longest jump was 12 meters , Ahh ! phooey ! So like the multitude we too decided to leave ! it was too much to take ! Noise pollution , garbage littered everywhere ,waste of time and money (I’m talking about me here ) I wish they had spent a little extra on big screens .. And reduce the volume of the ‘screaming diva ‘! … It was total phooey ! a BIG PHOOEY !
Finally on my way back home , while passing the Marina Bridge , i heard some one talking in a whispering tone “How some of the bloggers who participated in the event sabotaged NBK’s participation by breaking the Camels leg and the wings” ! ……Insider news is NBK had the best Amreeki engineers work on this camel plane …. too bad it couldn’t get much further than the Bridge !

But i heartily congratulate all the participants and Red bull [ I think i heard the guy say ..”Ganam Hamra” ] for bringing this event to Kuwait , God willing next year it will be well planned [ at least ask the Meteorologist which way the wind gonna blow , so to set the ramp the opposite direction] ..and Big screens for the weak sighted , and Engalizy speaking MC Pwease (otherwise mention in your invitation that non Arabic speaking public is not invited) ….
Great effort , Wonderful event … …Keep it up !
I got some Nine youtube’s here … sorry the quality is real shitty !

14 comments on “Redbull Flugtag – I came , i saw ,and said ahhhh Phooey !

  1. Hey nice blog wallah… I can’t update mine though,,, No time at all, I know all my friends are za3laneen but I will come back toooo…

  2. LOL!!! you look like you were next to us!! check my pics dude!! sme location!

    p.s: we all called your name! did you hear it?? šŸ™‚

  3. Rayboy ! thanks ! but i liked your review better ! Nice pics too !

    Elagante : OMG gurl ! where you been ? Nice to have you back ! look forward for your blog !

    Amu : lol Amu , so close yet so far , Meet up ? But im working tomorrow ! (one off/week remember)

    Chika : Oh dear ! I think we were almost at the same location …Why you didnt you see the elephant next to me ?

  4. AmjaD: It was fun ! i couldnt enjoy because i couldnt understand a word they said …

    Jewaira : God willing Next flugtag i will be better prepared ! and Thanks

  5. It’s amazing who was all there šŸ˜€
    You must have been close by us as well.
    Any idea if this was the same old guy:

    He looks like it, but didn’t wear a hat when I saw him.
    I like the way you described the event, fits perfectly šŸ™‚
    I’m glad I didn’t hear much of the music, nor the moderators.

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