Oh ! What a day !

Today morning was in this massive building , And the elevator was zooming up at the speed of 100KMs/hour …and i got stuck on the ‘2’0th floor ,all alone … no one was in the building , i called the intercom … after 1 hour the building watchman comes just when the oxigen was running out , I could see him because its a glass door , he had tools in his hand but it was painting brush , he told me in pure Indian Accent “My Name is Anil and i will get you out ! dan’t warreee” … He struggled with the paint brush to open the door while two strange looking ladies giggled and they laughed and laughed at my misery… and then a dude in biker suit passed by , i screamed for help ! but he said “im on my way to NY ..Sowwy! “…
I looked at Anil ….Anil is still struggling ? No that ass is painting the door black instead of helping … I scream help …two more ladies passed by … They wore dentists coats ,They said “sorry we can fix your tooth ..not the elevator door “.. The door was getting blacker and blacker , A Bahraini guy passed by .. i screamed “help ‘ he said “Sowwy i dont know how Kuwaiti elevators work”
Finally i collapsed …and the stupid alarm bell rings …. Its 6.15am …

I need to stop reading blogs!

9 comments on “Oh ! What a day !

  1. Blue : Sure ! Anymore i am taking stairs …

    N. Yeah man ! i need to invent those pads to detox off blogs 😛 ..i wonder where i’ll stick them !

    Chiki : Dont worry !Its just a dream ! 😛

  2. LOOOL I just woke up and was reading it so seriously…till I read it was a dream,hehehe

    Mate thats a sign that you need to sleep early every night 😛

  3. was i the bahraini guy?

    yeah, you guys must have some wierd elevators.

    100km/hr? so it took you, what, 3.6 seconds to get from the ground floor to the 20th?

  4. Amu :Sleep is not my friend … gone are those days …

    Ansam : Lol! “dant waree” a lot of masala was added to this dream ..

    Rayboy : Yeah ! obsessive blogging can cause nightmares 😀

    Ammar: Yeah ! you were the Bahraini guy ! Amu was the biker dude , Esh and Hessa were the dentist … Chika and Blue were the gigglers … May be many others would have appeared had the alarm not rang ..

    Yeah ! Kuwaiti elevators rule !

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