FYI ‘i don’t have to act stupid …

OK this one is going to be quick ! because i am inspired to bunk work and take my wife to the Hospital for Check up! FYI everything is noral …
I think i didn’t sign out from my gmail ! and some one had opened my mail at work ! So fuck it ! i dont give a rats ass ! FYI … i’m a peacful man ! but if you wag your finger up my ass all you gonna get is a lot of shit !
I parked my car on shit , a lot of it , half dried shit that looked like mud ! and now my car stinks like , what else ? ” SHIT”
I mistook a stranger for an old friend and asked him to show Bataka like a Undercover Cop ! That was the most pathetic scene ever , ” ATHINI HAWAIYYA ‘ i screamed coming from behind …. only to realise it was some one else , gave him a quick apology , put my tail between my legs and sped away ! FYI ‘i don’t have to act stupid …. because !!!! i am stupid .
Sorry if i dont comment on your blog ! busy with stuff which i can’t disclose for personal reasons ! …. Now i know why people dont get time to blog !
A harmonal wife can be more dangerous than a run away train ! … Im serious !
Thats it ! more stupid things later ! ….


9 comments on “FYI ‘i don’t have to act stupid …

  1. yeah, leave everything alone, we all act stupid most of the time.

    but chika’s right. i am thinking about the idiot who checked ur email!

  2. Chiki : lol back atcha ! im relaxed , but what to do ! shit and shitty things happen around me 😛

    TLS : But you wouldnt ask Bataka from a stranger right ? im lucky he was Indian , if he was Arab …*dang*
    I think my Super checked the mail ! … but thats OK , he is like the demon whose heart was hidden in a box somewhere … but i know where it is … when its time i will drive the dagger !

  3. SO i commented “Shit happens” on the previous post. And there you go park in a pile of shit! :/ I’m sorry to hear that.

    I’m glad things are good with you guys! But yeah.. I think that whole car smelly thing got to you =P Enjoy!

  4. It was not my fault ! the drain was blown a couple of days ago and a whole lot of human shit on the road ! thanks to Kuwait Muncipality ! I think i have to take the car to wash !

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