I think i’m like URUJ

Have you heard the new RJ URUJ on “FM99.7 Superstation RKFM Radio Kuwait ” at 7PM to 9PM ? I think finally Dr Labouche who was the whole and soul of the so called ” Night Ride ” quit … which is a sigh of relief ! …. I know i know ! You guys dont listen because you guys got ipod and shit ! well i dont !

Uruj is goooooooooooooooood ! Very Good ! i like her … Not that i can take her blabber which she presses every word she says “hhellloo ppeeoopplle ” kinda thing! but she plays the most wonderful classic music , she swept me off my fffeeettt when she played ‘ one more night by Phil Collins ‘ …. hence the post ! … Remember when N said if ever you wondered there is a mysterious other who thought just like you ? Musically speaking i think Uruj has the same taste as i do ! In fact i think she is my musical twin .

urujfm99.7@hotmail.com ….. Rock on !

BTW does anyone know what happened to the FM99.7 Super station RKFM Radio Kuwait
website ? I know …account suspended ! WoW! Super station eh ?

By GreY Posted in music

7 comments on “I think i’m like URUJ

  1. Hmm.. I was going to take a video of me in the car listening to her while she drives me crazy! Seriously!! I don’t find her amuzing :/

  2. I stopped listening to 99.7 ages ago. Every time i listen, its always the same songs over and over and over!! AArgh!

    And i wish those repeated songs were new songs, they were songs from the 90’s!

  3. Esh : lol ! yeah i totally agree ! but she has good taste for music !…

    TLS : So you noticed ! we listen everyday to FM99.7 …by now its like a giant tape , i know what song is next and what time !

  4. i stopped listening to 99.7 as they censor the music played. its like whenever there is a censored part. the track is blank for a split of a second. Im like if you want to censor then why put it.???

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