New words from Oxford dictionary .

Oxford Online dictionary has added new words related to blogging . It will be added in their 2008 edition . Some of the words go like “Bloganymous , blogego ” and stuff like that … ( Edited to fit the page , for original version click the link below)

Blogaddict : A person who writes/reads /comments on blogs at every possible access to the Internet .

Bloginspire : An inspiration to write on the same topic after reading a good blog [ not plagiarism]

Blogtheft (Blogthief) : A blogger who copy/ pastes without giving credit to the original author .

Blogalousy : A type of jealousy which occures upon seeing a succesful bloggers ‘hit counter’ .

Blogdiaheria ( silent g) : A syndrome upon which a blogger posts more than 3 posts a day .

Bloghopper : A blogger who searches random blogs (aka pressing ‘next blog’ on the toolbar)

Blogadick / Blogabitch : Arrogant blogger who only likes to recieve comments but never reply’s them .

Blogcomedian (G silent) : A funny blogger .

Blognag : As in nag nag nag ! (but in written words)

Blogamour : A rumour that is spread through blogs .

Bloganymous : Anonymous reader who never reveals his identity . Or silent reader who does not comment .

Blogjerk : A blogger who changes identity to write racist , derogatory , sexist ,comments to personally attack another blogger . aka .the Coward.

Blogego : A syndrome where upon the blogger writes comments only when the recipient has left comment previously on his/her blog . Its like a courtesy call or return favour .

Blogzombie : A retired blogger who comes back to write only to vanish again . ( also called I’m back bloggers)

Blogghost : A retierd blogger who still writes comments but does not write new posts .

Blogblock :A Syndrome upon which the blogger is unable to write any new topic , (hence posts the youtube .)

Blogfart : A blog post which does not have any meaning ( stupid blog… you are reading one)

Blogoat : A blogger who writes comments on each and every blog post ( as in goat droppings)

More Words can be read here , also you can suggest a new word , if it worth considering OXFORD Dictionary will pay $200 for every new word related to Blog.


6 comments on “New words from Oxford dictionary .

  1. You fit in my heart Brother ! Thats where i like to keep all of you !

    Any blogsheeps ? Comeone ! i know you did it !

    Im so pale , as in when the stupid prank backfires !

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