Diwali Rocks Salmiya Block 10

It was Fun ! , Salmiya (block 10) lit up to gorgeously! Traffic was hell but it was worth venturing out ! Fire crackers bust with out cease ! it was like as if we were on the streets of Mumbai . It was fun fun fun ! ….

Today 10Nov ,its the Harvest festival at TLC … its going to be tons of fun with all the fun and games from 9am to 4pm , I’m gonna be there God willing . Have been waiting for it . Will post pictures later today !

TLC = The Light house Church , Next to the Parliament Building .


6 comments on “Diwali Rocks Salmiya Block 10

  1. although I too don’t know what’s all about bas Hey, Happy Diwali! πŸ™‚ City Center salmiya were celevrating by having some sweets

  2. Amu : Thanks ! I will have fun at TLC …:P

    Blue : Hmmm ! Google woman ! its a Hindu festival of light , when you meet Anil dont forget to say happy DIwali .

    Chika : Once again we decided not to go to CC on friday … Next friday i will be bounty hunting you there !

    D&G : Thanks Dear and welcome to my bloga

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